Portrait Painting from Life

A Classical Realism specialization course


21 demanding hours

Advanced Portrait Painting from Life

This intensive specialization course in Classical Portrait painting from a live model, consists of 21 hours of practice and content delivered over 7 days, combining 3 days of Live demonstration, which is open for the whole public, followed by 4 consecutive workshop practice days for advanced Classical Realism students, led by professional classical artist Karl Froman.

Meet the Tutor

Karl Froman
Swedish Professional Classical Realism artist

Karl, is an accomplished professional classical realism artist who started out as a classical realism student at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, in Italy where he spent the majority of his academic career.

He then moved to China and back to Sweden where he exhibited most of his major works in private collections and exhibitions. Froman’s work can also be found at private collections in Austria,  France, Norway, America and England. Soon he will also be exhibiting his latest work in Malta.

3-Day Open Demonstration

Dates: 15th, 16th and 19th January

Time: 7:15PM-10PM

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What's included:

 Access to Live demonstration
Draw pencil studies alongside Karl Froman
 New students will also acquire a booklet with Classical Realism theory;
* Refreshments included


Full Workshop

All Dates: 15, 16, 19, 20*, 21*, 22 & 23rd January

Time: *Weekends: 5PM-8PM | Weekdays: 7:15PM-10PM

Course is Full

What's included:

Added new lessons to include:

✓ Building up and finishing a painting in seven days (21 hours)

✓ Glazing techniques

✓ Maximizing a sense of atmosphere versus solid form

✓ Accurately portraying unequivocally the character of the specific subject

One-on-one professional critique

 * Refreshments included

Course Content

This two part course will consist of a three stage demonstration firstly taking the students through the processes of: Under painting, Grisaille and first stages of the limited palette in portrait painting. This will then be followed by a four session course for advanced level students.

Part 1: The demonstration tackles issues pertaining to accurate objective descriptions of three dimensional form on a two dimensional surface, a mainstay of figurative painting, handling mediums in works requiring several layers of paint, use of Grisaille in improving the final result, the full extent of the limited palette. Besides all manner of necessary craftsmanship needed to execute a well rendered realistic portrait the demonstration will also open up a discussion about the ‘artistic licence’ and how to change and manipulate certain light and colour situations in order to emphasis specific emotionssentiments and viewer engagement within your artwork- applicable to all figurative art. During the demonstration students will also be encouraged to participate by working on several pencil and coal studies of the subject as to practically apply the basics of portraiture.

Part 2: Advanced Portraiture Course consists of tutelage and assistance for advanced students through the whole process of creating a portrait. These four lessons will be held alongside the lecturer providing part demonstration, part theory and constant critiques as we target a finalized portrait. During these sessions we will be expanding the limited palette and working with some personal aesthetic choices aiding in an improved artistic expression.

In addition to previous lessons discussions will be held as how to correctly handle glazing and varnishing and basic compositional elements for future artworks the students wish to produce.

If you are still new to Classical Realism in general we suggest that you apply for the Classical Realism Masterclass before you attempt for this advanced course. Most of the theory and foundations to oil painting and realistic expression are laid there.

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