More than just a School of Arts

P e r s o n a l i z e d     L e a r n i n g     E x p e r i e n c e s     f r o m     I n d u s t r y     l e a d i n g     P r o f e s s i o n a l s

Personalized and student-centric

As a creative organisation we realize that each individual, irrelevant of age, has different motivations, learning abilities and aptitudes. This means that having a one-size fits all approach to teaching in general ends up fitting no one. It is our core mission to provide a personal learning experience and custom approach to creative development and skill acquisition by recognizing each child’s individuality and proactively engaging and tailoring the content  towards each learner.

With each class being limited to small groups led and assisted by two or more tutors and a professional learning support assitant during each session we ensure that time for critical assessment and individual time is devoted to each and every student.

Organic Learning & Positive Feedback

Learning experiences can take many forms in different context and times in an individual’s life. We believe learning comes from the opportunity to turn a ‘failure’ or error in a small win. Learning is an attitude of smart perseverance and continuous iteration, experimenting and constant progress.



We not only take personalized learning seriously, we approach it with a bias.

A competence-based learning is different than a standard-based educational system in ways that it prioritizes skill acquisition over the standard test-scores. Most of our courses are based on a project-based approach, encouraging students to intuitively learn to apply theory and instructional information to  practical and  real-life-scenario projects both individually or in group dynamics.

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