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We're constantly seeking passionate educators to join our team. We are looking for teachers who are designers, teachers with a passion for personalizing learning for each and every student. Teachers who model a growth mindset for students. Teachers who are their best when being creative and working in a collaborative learning and working environment. If this is you, we would love to hear from you!

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AK Malta - Learn anything from the best
AK Malta - Learn anything from the best
Proactive learning

Interest driven learning

Motivation is a catalyzing ingredient for every successful innovation. The same holds true for learning. Motivation can be extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is that which comes from outside the task. A great example of this is the conventional schooling system which the main objective is to obtain high test scores in order to succeed along the academic ladder.  Intrinsic motivation on the other hand is when the task or process itself stimulates and compels an individual because the task itself is self-fulfilling and enjoyable. Learning is much bigger than schooling and our main purpose is to provide customized learning experiences which respect the individuals different aspirations and interests. The learning is then customized according to that.

Competence-based programs

Student-centric and skills Oriented

We realize that each child shares different interests, occupies different learning modalities and aptitudes. By designing different project-based programs  different students can learn differently at each different pace and guided according to their particular needs to complete the project.  The advantage of a project-based system is that it is a non-linear process through which students are led to question, reflect, obtain practical skills, gain proactive feedback and come up with creative solutions to problems.

AK Malta - Learn anything from the best
Creative teaching 

Multidisciplinary approach

Learning is Growth and growth is non linear contrary to many of the conventional test-based (Linear) educational a.k.a schooling models.

We break the mould of teaching by subject. Living in the 21st century requires multi-domain knowledge and skill. With the benefit of projects students are able to learn Math, Social Sciences, Logical and creative thinking, Literacy, History, Design and Art in conjunction within practical situations and project-set environments.