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How to Draw a Caricature

By January 19, 2016How To
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How to Draw a Caricature

A Step by step guide on how to draw a funny Caricature and Master Exaggeration.

Ever wondered how your Caricature would look like?


Caricature by Kelsey May Connor

I am sure you have come across a caricature at least once in your life and felt amused at how an artist can capture humour and trigger your emotional senses, with just a few rough lines, be it a street artist in some populated city centre or a famous caricaturist’s illustration on your local newspaper.
The ultimate key for drawing a caricature is observing the facial features and exaggerating! First, you need to decide upon an angle you want to draw the subject from. In my case I chose to draw it from the full front.

Starting from the face shape, determine the size of the forehead,  the curvature of the cheekbones and the shape of the chin. If for instance, one has a big forehead you need to exaggerate and amplify that specific feature.



Look closely at the eyes… In my case my eyes are almond shaped hence I amplified and exaggerated the shape to make it look elongated.

If the person you are drawing has big eyes, make the pupil bigger and add more creases around. You do not want to exaggerate a lot on the eyes. The eyebrows are very important as everyone has a unique brow shape and this can completely give away or change the look of the caricature.

Heading to the nose… determine the shape of the nose and what proportion of the face it takes and exaggerate accordingly.


If the person is smiling with their teeth showing, study how the teeth look like; if they’re perfectly aligned or not… Same goes for the size of the teeth, analyse if they’re big in proportion to the person’s mouth or vice versa… EXAGGERATE.
When it comes to caricatures, the head is the ‘fulcrum’ the slightest change in the head shape can radically change all the other aspects of the face. The Head shape is the most important part of the whole caricature, portraying all the exaggerated features.

In addition the head always drawn bigger in proportion to the body; thus making the caricature look funny and humoristic due to its in-normality. When exaggerating the head shape, ONE strong observation is all you will need. It could be as simple as observing the model’s dominate feature being; a skinny face, a large chin, or a small forehead.

This is only optional but if you decide to continue drawing the body all you need to do is look closely to the shape of the figure (in my case a smaller torso from hips). The body should not be as detailed as the face such that it captures more attention than the head.

Understand well the nature of the body you are drawing. For example; for a strong muscular character you should opt for a V SHAPED frame, on the other hand for less muscular and strong postures you can opt for a PEAR shaped or OVAL shaped frames.

…Do not forget to add some distinguishing items or postures, this will further  give the caricature more character and personality.
Finally I added some soft shading for more depth.


Caricature by Kelsey May Connor

There you go! Go ahead, and give it a try.

Happy Drawing !

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