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Creating Value out of something with no Value.

By March 28, 2016How To
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Creating Value out of something with no Value.

Have you ever witnessed something beautiful and wanted to create something out of it? 

Maybe NOT many of us will…it is not mainstream thinking. We’ve come to take much for granted.

The people who personally know me, know that I am a big lover of animals, nature etc and less than a week ago as I was walking back home around Cospicua and came across this beautiful big leaf on the floor. As soon as I picked it up, I started to think about what I can do with it… shall I put it in a glass vase for decoration? Maybe create it into a pressed leaf in a frame? And then it clicked.. 
What’s better than a Natural Canvas? 
The whole inspiration and idea for this was to create something beautiful and alive onto something that is considered as trash or too Ordinary to See, Observe and get inspired from. Creating Value out of something with no Value.
Turn something of Less Value into High Value. The Art of doing more with Less

We artists tend to rely on a multitude of external and commercial resources and call ourselves open minded, inspired and observant,, yet we sometimes Miss the Everyday Opportunities which remain hidden before our very own Eyes.

Here is the process of the Painted Leaf :


1. With a black fine pen, I started sketching a rose. I wanted something vibrant and colorful, something that can translate ‘Life’ onto the dull, dry leaf. I made sure that the size of the rose is big enough to fit onto the whole leaf. (Notice that since the texture of the leaf is dry, the pen will start to fade and smudge onto your fingers so be careful to use a good fine pen)


2. Using the RIGHT Media. My favorite medium is acrylics so I used those, also because Acrylics is dense enough for it to cover the Leafy brown texture and not leaving it transparent like watercolours do. I used white for the lightest parts, pink and purples for the colour of the rose and black for the darkest shades. I did not use a palette, I just simply put one colour and mixed onto the leaf.


3. As you can see, I turned the emphasis/focal point onto the centre with more details and more shadows, whereas as it goes further out the lighter the colour gets.

4. Once it dries you can put glazing spray onto it to preserve the paint and leaf.


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