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Digital Art


Stop Motion, Miniature Modelling and

Story Building

From big Hollywood movies the likes of Terminator (1984) to The Lego Movie (2014) Stop Motion animation has been the hidden technique behind these remarkable animation blockbusters! A technique which is still in use and favored by many film makers and feature films.

During this training course the student will have the opportunity to learn, practice and create a short film using this old cinematographic technique.

Join 29 other creatives and learn:

✓ Learn the hidden-elements behind compelling Visual Storytelling;

✓ Design and create your own characters/ puppets and Miniature models;

✓ Discover the 12 basic principles of Animation

✓ Apply video editing, lighting and sound techniques to Your own film;

✓ Direct and Premier your own stop-motion movie.

Download Full Syllabus

Starting  7th August

Sessions (to choose):
Monday 7:15PM-9:30PM
Thursday 7:15PM-9:30PM

Duration:   3 months (12 sessions)


A Course in Digital Art: Stop Motion Animation

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Is this Course Right for you?

This journey in Stop Motion animation is very well structured for the beginner young learner with little to no experience in the field. It is also sophisticated enough for more advanced digital artists, animators, cinematographers, marketers and other artists and creatives who want to acquire video/film animation skills which can be applied to as many different contexts and domains as one can imagine.

With the benefit of small groups reserved for only 15 students you will benefit from the personal guidance and mentoring of professional Digital Artist, Ezekiel Vassallo.

This course is also well tailored for young teenagers and young adults above the age of 13.

Download the whole syllabus for a full course overview together with the tool-box needed for this course.

What will you Learn after this course?

  Learn how to create and Direct a short film – Stop Motion Animation;
  Progress from idea generation to story boarding and learn the secrets of captivating storytelling:  Story Plot, Characterization, Setting, Point of View, Climax of the story, Resolution, Conclusion and Theme-setting
✓  Sculpt your own miniature model, design-characters and set;
✓  Apply visual editing, sound and lighting techniques to your own short-film;
✓  Gain confidence using the various digital technologies;
✓  Obtain trade secrets and tricks behind captivating stop motion production taught by a leading stop motion animator;

Meet the Tutor

Ezekiel Vassallo

From an early age I seemed to acknowledge a passion in creative arts which later on developed in a great desire to work with three-dimensional objects.

Ever-since secondary education Art has been my most favorite and promising area which I wanted to develop further in. I used to attend evening classes studying various mediums. In 2014 I read for a B.A (Hons) in Fine Arts and recently completed an M.F.A Masters in Fine Arts in Digital Arts by the end of 2016.

It was through my studies that I first discovered the world of stop motion animation. Initiated by an intense fascination towards building three-dimensional miniature models this lead me to further explore and capture my life-inspirations through captivating animated stories using stop motion animation.

Check out my latest Film >



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Monday 7:15PM-9:30PM, Thursday 7:15PM-9:30PM


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