Adults art classes

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Adults Art Classes 


Welcome! Learn how to create Realistic portraits and pencil drawings; work those brushes and enjoy learning new skills and techniques. During  this course we will provide you with all the skills, guidance and  professional portfolio needed to effectively compete in the exciting and artistic field.

This Course is Designed for the busy adult learner, hence it can be customized to fit both your experience level, time schedules and duration. Course can be completed within a time frame of 6-months for those interested in sitting for their O level, this however depends upon the student’s interest.


Date & Time: Saturday 10:00am-12:00pm

Lesson duration: 2 hrs

PRICE: 15 EU / lesson

 Few places left available. Make sure to Register before it’s too late:

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Teacher Contact:

Kelsey May Connor

Phone: +35679031444 

Email: art.kelseymayconnor@gmail.com

Location Address:

332,Victory Street,

Qormi, Malta