for Children aged between 5-10.

Course Description

Don’t know how to Fill your children’s Summer days?

This summer Workshop is going to be a Bang! After a great success with the Easter Workshop, we had many parents asking if we’ll be doing another Pottery workshop for the children.

Guess what?

We came up with a Course which includes all different workshops all together. Throughout Summer Course 2016 each child
will learn how to develop various Artistic skills. We will be introducing various mediums (from pencils to watercolours
and acrylics).

To top it off and make things messier we also added a Pottery workshop. Fun and well ‘messiness’ is Fully Guaranteed!

In addition, each child will also be creating various handmade Crafts and also will be introduced to Printmaking.
It is of course a #SummerCreativityBonanza.

The Summer Course is an ALL in 1 Course. Workshops include:
1. Pottery Workshop (which comes at a Cost of 75EU/4session)
2. Art Workshop + 3. Hand Crafts Workshop (240EU/3months)
4. Printmaking Workshop (110EU/workshop)

Dates & Times (to choose from):

Tuesday 5pm-7pm
Wednesday 5pm-7pm
Friday 10am-12pm
Saturday 10am-12pm

Duration: 2 sessions per week for 3 months (21 Sessions)

Course Fee (1 time payment):

Single: 280EU

Siblings: 200EU every other Child

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